Specialty Candles

Candles with a little difference......

All of our candles were manufactured by the Lava Candle Company, formally a manufacturer of unique candles.  We have a large inventory of these special candles although many are in limited supply.

  Naturals Collections

2 Collections - Light & Dark

Some items can be custom mixed and matched for a dramatic effect.

With a raw appearance but refined fragrances, this new candle collection offers a unique and fresh approach to aromatherapy in the home. Each of these hand crafted candles layer many nuances of fragrance as they burn. A rich assortment of colors allows these candles to coordinate with many varieties of home decor.

All varieties available in the following scents:


Uplifting - (pink tones) - A blend of Ripe Pomelo, Zesty Tangerine and Wild Jasmine paired with mild undertones of sweet and fruity Strawberries and finished with a kiss of Vanilla to lift your spirits.
Comforting - (orange tones) - Vanilla Cream and Almond wrap around abundant top notes of Orange Citrus and Lemon Zest to evoke a simpler time in your past and put a smile on your face.
Refreshing - (green tones) - Linden Blossom, Floral Jasmine and Watery Lotus mixed with hints of Rose, Lavender and White Gardenia to refresh one's positive outlook.
Stimulating - (taupe tones)  - Vanilla and White Birch with  hint of Rose and Lily of the Valley and mild undertones of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber will stimulate body, mind, and soul.


Rejuvenating - ( rust tones) - An energizing blend of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime with a hint of Vanilla and Dewy Berries for an awakening of energy.
Purifying - (olive tones) - Earthy notes of Sandalwood, Orange, Patchouli and Cedar with mild undertones of Velvety Plum and Vanilla Cacao Butter to neutralize your everyday stresses.
Soothing - (blue tones) - Strong notes of healing Eucalyptus, Lemon leaves and Cooling Menthol to leave you with a sense of clarity.
Calming - (violet tones) - Lavender, fresh Gardenias Flowers and Sweet Jasmine Petals nicely complimented by undertones of Vanilla and Dewey Melon to bring you to a harmonious state and instill your body with a sense of balance.

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Candle On A Rope

Separate candles by trimming wick to 1/4".  Place on a stoneware candle holder, light, and enjoy!

Each - 1.5"w x 1"h" - Burn time - 1 hour - $4.95 per set of 5

Rejuvenating Purifying Soothing Calming

Uplifting Comforting Refreshing Stimulating


Stoneware Candle Holder

Small - $1.99     Large - $3.99

4 Section  Tray - $5.99


New! New!  Candleholders for Candles on a Rope

Metal candle holder measures 10" high and 3.2" wide.  Top level hold burning candle; bracket below holds remaining unused candles.  Available in brown or white.   Can be used with any candle 2" square or less

$9.95 each (candles not included)

Brown Metal White Metal


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Layered Square Pillars - 2.5"w x 4"h  - Dark Colors Only

 Burn time - 30 Hours - $7.95

4 PC Candle Squares


Each square - 2.5"w x 1.5h"  - Burn time - 3 Hours each

Blocks can be mix/matched for a decorator effect.


Candles can be used with large stoneware candle holder shown above - $3.99


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3 - Wick Brick Candle

10"l x 2.5"w x 4"h - Burn time 45 hours


In Dark Colors Only

Metal Candle Holder

10.5"l x 3.25"w x 4"h




Gift Sets (In gift wrap packs)   - $9.95 each

Dark Colors


Light Colors




Coral Collection


Round Mollusk in 2 sizes

Small - 3/5"d x 2" h - burns 15 hrs.- $5.49

Large - 4"d x 2.5"h - burns  25hrs. -$6.95

Oblong Mollusk

4.5"d x 6" h - burns 50 hrs.


Resin Mollusk Tea Light Holder

4"d x 2.5h - (includes tea light)



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