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For the Child in Your Life
Personalized Children's Books

Each Book Features

Child's name, age and hometown  

Names of child's friends and/or relatives 

 Message from person giving book

Washable hard covers 

Super Hero Editions - Order Below

Large Size Books - 12" x 9" - $14.95 each

Dr. Octopus is on a rampage and it seems that no one can stop him.  It's up to your child to help Spider-Man defeat this dangerous villain and save the day. The Justice  League needs your help to stop the villainous Gorilla Grodd, who's been monkeying around with the animals at a theme park.


Specialty Title - $12.95


An exciting adventure in Gotham City. When Catwoman steals a special robot, it is up tp you to help Batman find the clues to catch the thief.


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Personalized Book

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