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Each of these pieces is a work of art that has been blown and shaped through the same process that has been used by craftsmen for centuries.  Slight variations in the glass are not defects but show the handmade nature of each piece.

Each necklace is embedded with gold or silver foil and beautifully packaged in a silver foil gift box and shipped free. 


This section : 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"  Hearts - $5.49

You will receive 2 different necklaces for 2 different fashion looks for all hearts.

Blue & Aqua 
Black & White
Blue & Tan  


White w/Purpl


Aqua & Tan 

 Flower Hearts


  Pink Petals   


1-1/2" x 1-1/2"  Butterflies

Aqua Blue Black & Gray 
White with Black


2" Large Round Pendants - $5.95

with coordinating ribbon necklace



2" x 1-1/2"  Large Hearts- $5.95



2" x 1-1/2"  Teardrops - $5.95





Designer Pendants - All with gold leaf accents

These pendants are of a heavier weight.  In addition to the red and navy blue shown ere, pendant is also available in rich green.

$4.95 each




Other Themes  - $4.95 each

2 1/2" Black Starfish with Metallic Gold insets

1 1/2" Pink Elongated Pendant
1 1/2" Black Flower Heart

2" Twisted Heart - Tan 1 1/2" Clear Heart with Black inset and Gold Design 2" Twisted Heart - Black & Tan


Boxed Sets $5.95

Pale Green   
Black & White 
Pale Lilac 


Red & Black
  Black Floral

Glass Earrings - $2.49

Heart Shapes - 6 colors

Small Hearts - 6 colors

Round Shape - 6 Colors


This is a large size (3" long)  pendant that is available in the following colors:

Cobalt Blue, Aquamarine, Red, Green, Brown, Black



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