Decorative Plates - Made in the USA

 All of the pieces are created by hand and are unique. 
By applying designer fabrics (formed and cut) to clear plates the art comes alive. The plates are high quality French Glass and are rimmed with 18k Gold

Plates are hand washable but cannot be put in the dishwasher.  See Main Plates page for available stands and wall brackets.

10 large size plates - $ 10.95 each - except where noted


Egyptian Patterns

Egypt 1 Egypt 2 Egypt 3

Egypt 4 Egypt 5 Egypt 6


 Egypt 7 Egypt 8 Egypt 9 


 Display mats - $5.95 in addition to price of plate.

EG Plate and Pad 1 EG Plate and Pad 2 EG Plate and Pad 3


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