Boutique Gifts

Here you will find an extensive array of gifts with a little difference, come handmade.

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Imported Japanese Incense



Designer Boutique Sachets

Add a beautiful touch and fragrance ....

DF-169 - $6.95

Light Gold Sachet with Flame Flowers

Violet with Lavender Flowers

Light Gold with Cream Flowers


  DF-182 - $6.95

Beauty with Fuchsia Flowers 

Violet with Violet Flowers

Lemon with Cream Flowers

Cream with Off White Flowers


 DF 192- $6.95


Light Blue

Cream / Gold



Orchids - $7.95

Off White

Deep Pink

Light Pink


Also available: Daisy

Medium Single - $4.95

Light Green or Yellow

Small Double  Pack - $9.95

Violet or Hot Pink


Daffodils - $6.95

Pale Yellow

Pale Violet with Lavender Flowers

Light Gold with Cream Flowers




Large Single Rose - Violet or White - $6.95

Large Sachet with 3 Roses - Violet, White, or Pink - $7.95

Small Single Rose - $3.95


  Mini Sachets - 2" - 3Pk - $4.95

Violet, Pink

Peach, Lime

   Small - 3"- 3Pk - $8.95




Premium Fragrance Beads

Home Fragrance

Open a package of this premium fragrance and place in your favorite dish or container.  Let the wonderful fragrance carry you to your special place.  You can enjoy the fragrance at home, at the office, or you might wish to have your favorite fragrance with you when you travel to create an aromatic experience in your car, spa bag or in you with your clothing, anywhere you want a wonderful fragrance.  Highly scented fragrance beads are extremely long lasting.


 4.5 ounce - tulle bag - $ 12.95 

(Fragrance beads are double packed in plastic bags and then in tulle)  

  Bamboo Forest - Lush Foliage Centered by Fertile Earth - packaged in gold

Lavender - An Essential To Calm The Day, It refreshes & Soothes  - packaged in violet

Tide Pools - Let The Energy From The Sea Refresh You - Packaged  in blue

Sterling - A Shimmering Smooth Magnolia Blend - packaged in gray Orange Squeezz - A Sunny Surprise of the Sweet & Sublime, Sure To Brighten Your Day - packaged in orange Pipaki - Hawaiian Romance Fills The Air With The Beauty of This Island Fragrance - packaged in violet

Gardenia - Reflect On Summer With The Soft Velvet Fragrance Of Ivory Blooms - packaged in white Paradise - Soft Scents of topical Blooms take You To Your Special Place - packaged in pink Luscious Pear - Smooth. Soothing, Pear Rich Comfort For The Soul - packaged in white

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